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Our Values and Culture

Ellsworth Area Ambulance Service strives to promote an environment that values creativity, compassion, diversity, honesty, teamwork and trust between personnel.  Our goal is to provide a workplace that is rewarding, fun, and is a source of pride for both the staff and community


By the end of 2016 Ellsworth Area Ambulance personnel have a combined 300+ years of service. Creativity is valued through our actions by leveraging each others experience and strengths. This is evident in the training and education we create. Interactions with each other and those we serve throughout the community benefit from this creativity.



Knowing that our actions will benefit the community, the staff of EAAS dedicates training, and personal time to providing compassionate care for patients and families in crisis. Compassion is an integral component to providing quality medical care for those in need. EAAS takes great pride in employing compassionate staff.

EAAS prides itself in providing an all inclusive enviroment; in turn, creating a diversified base of experience. Active board members from each community, volunteers from all walks of life, career EMS staff, and experienced administrative staff. EAAS welcomes everyone to participate as they are able.





The EAAS team prides itself in the fair and straightforward conduct of its professional staff. The expectation of the service includes a high standard of integrity through honest interactions and behaviors with each other and those we serve.

Teamwork and Trust


Working together in high stress critical enviroments require the trust and teamwork of each other. EAAS staff train for these situations regularly. In addition, team building is a constant focus of everyone; knowing, trust relationships grow from understanding and respecting each others perspective and knowledge.


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